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Creative Digital Media Production-equivalent to 2 A-Levels

National Diploma (equivalent to two A Levels) BTEC Level 3 Edexcel

Why study Film/TV Production?
The BTEC Diploma in Film and TV Production was written after consultation with over 5000 industry professionals
and teachers, it provides learners with up to date skills to equip them to work in the Media industry or to go on to
further study. Assessment of the course is through a range of practical assignments where students can showcase
their skills, resulting in the awarding of the final qualification. TV and Film in the North West of England is a thriving sector of the Media industry with many new job opportunities in recent years.
Units for this course include: - Digital Media Skills, Media Enterprise, Responding to a commission, Film Production
(Fiction), Storyboarding, Single and Multiple Camera techniques.

Extra-curricular aspects of the course
During the course there will be opportunities to visit productions and shows and learn about how TV and films are
put together. We also visit an advertising studio and see professional photography in action.

Entry Requirements
Students considering this course are required to have a grade 5 in GCSE English and Mathematics. This course would suit someone with an interest in the Media industries, ICT or Art. A willingness to invest time in developing software skills is essential.

Higher Education and Careers
BTEC National qualification primarily give students the skills to meet the needs of employers and give access to Higher Education. This means you can be confident this high-quality course will fit whatever progression route you want to follow be it work or further study. On successful completion of this course students may progress on to Degree courses such as: advertising, media, TV & film to name just a few. Possible career opportunities include: advertising, animation, media & TV, lighting technician, radio presenter/producer, stage/set designer, producer and video design.
Assessment is via assessed tasks some of which are set and marked by the exam board after being completed in
controlled conditions, others are internally set and marked (33% of this course is externally assessed by the exam

Unit Number  Content Weighting Assessment Mandatory/ Optional 
3 Digital Media Skills 0.17 Externally Mandatory
8 Responding to a Commission 0.17 Externally Mandatory
10 Film Production -Fiction 0.08 Internally Optional
7 Media Enterprise 0.08 Internally Optional
18 Storyboard for Digital Media 0.08 Internally Optional
19 Script Writing 0.08 Internally Optional
20 Single Camera Techniques 0.08 Internally Optional
21 Film Editing 0.08 Internally Optional
23 Stop Motion Animation 0.08 Internally  Optional
24 Sound Editing 0.08 Internally Optional
25 Sound Recording 0.08 Internally Optional
35 Multi Camera Technique 0.08 Internally  Optional
36 Lighting Techniques 0.08 Internally  Optional

For more information on this course please contact 

 Mr M Lish