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Special Educational Needs

Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and /or Disabilities. Our approach is that we use our best endeavours to put adjustments and provision in place for students irrespective of whether they have a diagnosis or label. 

We strive to promote a culture of high expectations and aspiration for all young people including those with SEND, based on our fundamental belief in the dignity of all human beings. We recognise that pupils learn best where they feel happy and strive to establish an environment where learners are supported, challenged and have the opportunity to grow.

We want our students to flourish in safe, happy and enriching environments, taught and supported by adults who are skilled, motivated and committed to overcoming barriers to learning and participation. Our staff work hard to support pupils with a diverse range of different needs; creating a fully inclusive curriculum which allows pupils to develop not only their academic skills, but also master the skills that they will need to be independent young adults in the future.

We want all pupils, including those with SEND, to leave our college community:

  • With a sense of their dignity and worth as a person loved by God

  • With the best academic qualifications they are capable of

  • A sense of their giftedness and that they have a unique calling/vocation in life

  • A sense that they are loved by God

The school has close links with our feeder primary schools and meets with the SENCOs, class teachers and Head Teachers to discuss the needs of Year 6 pupils so that a smooth transition can be arranged.  Parents and carers of pupils with SEND are very welcome to come and meet with a member of the SENCo Department before starting in year 7 so we can listen to your expertise and plan together for a successful transition. The Head of SENCo, Mr Crampton, works closely with the Head of year 7 with regard to transition.

All pupils with SEND are fully timetabled within the school timetable, including mixed ability tutor groups, ability sets and, in the later years, the option groups for the Key Stage 4/5 curriculum.

The school receives additional funding for pupils with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. This is delegated to meet each child’s needs according to their Individual Education Plan, reviewed annually, which is produced in partnership with the local Authority. Pupils play a key role in this review process and their views and opinions will help to inform our provision planning for the following academic year.

We have excellent working relationships with specialists within the Authority and they regularly come into school either to advise on support, provide specific training for staff or to complete assessments with pupils. We value these links and recognise the importance of seeking out further support beyond our school environment to improve our knowledge and understanding of the needs of our pupils.