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At Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College we place great importance on appearance.

We expect all of our pupils to wear the full college uniform properly and with pride. This applies both inside and outside of school and when travelling to and from college.

Personal Appearance

Personal appearance is a matter of pride. Whilst we are aware of current fashions and the impact of peer pressure, we expect all of our pupils to present themselves in a smart and respectful manner at all times in College and when travelling to and from College.

  • Make-up, fake tan, false nails, nail-varnish, false eyelashes, rings, (visible) body piercings or visible tattoos, nose studs and ear plugs are strictly not allowed.
  • We do not allow haircuts to fade to bald. Pupils are permitted to have a graded haircut, ending at no shorter than a grade 1.5 . The nape of the neck must clearly have hair. Cuts to eyebrows are not acceptable. Hair longer than the shoulders should be tied back. Hair should be natural in colour; dyed hair that does not appear to be ‘natural’ is not permitted. Pupils should be clean-shaven for school at all times.
  • Jewellery is not allowed. Pupils may wear a watch.
  • Ties must be worn to the top button and reach the waistband. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • ‘Hoodies’ and baseball caps are not permissible in College. Any coat/jacket must be removed in the school building.
  • Blazers are to be worn at all times unless permission has been given in the classroom by the teacher to remove them.
  • College bags should be plain and of a dark colour which tones with the uniform and should be able to hold an A4 folder. Only backpacks, satchels and record bags are acceptable.
  • Permanent Tattoos or Henna Tattoos are not permitted in school.
  • Pupils must wear plain black leather style shoes (not boots, nor anything that has a sports logo). If the ‘shoe’ looks anything like a trainer / sports shoe, please do not purchase it as it will be unacceptable for school. We recommend that pupils wear comfortable, sturdy shoes (‘Dolly’ shoes are very flimsy and do not give the support required). Canvas pumps are also not permitted as school shoes for any pupils.
  • ‘Jean type’ trousers are not acceptable for school. Trousers must be standard school wear / suit trousers. Canvas jeans, riveted pockets and fashion trousers such ‘skinny’ jeans are not permitted.
  • School skirts are sold in a variety of different lengths at both of our uniform suppliers. Please remember that skirts must be no shorter than 1 inch above the knee. 


The College uniform to be worn by pupils in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 can be seen below.  Note items marked with an asterix (*) must be purchased from our approved suppliers.



Pleated skirt*
(This should be only 1 inch above the knee. A longer length is available. Please keep this in mind as anyone with an inappropriate skirt length will be asked to change it)


Suitable Formal School Trousers (no ‘jean’ or ‘skinny’ styles)


V-neck jumper with College logo*



College House Tie / Plain Tie for Y7

Blazer with College logo*



Black or Navy to tone with uniform

(Knee high socks are not allowed from September 2017. Tights or ankle socks may be worn)

Black or Navy





In keeping with the dress code I would also like to draw your attention to the college’s policy on hairstyles which may differ from your child’s Primary School. At Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College hair should be smart and of natural colour. Dyed hair and unnatural colour, including balayage, dip-dyed hair are prohibited. Long hair (i.e. below shoulders) should always be tied up. ‘Fashion’ cuts including ‘tram lines’ are not permitted. Pupils who do not comply with these rules will be placed in isolation. Hair infringements incur a 3 day isolation (or until it is dyed back to a natural colour). Uniform infringements incur a break and lunch isolation, until the situation is rectified, such as inappropriate school shoes and hair colour.

  • Hair should be worn up in a pony-tail if past shoulder-length.

  • Extreme hairstyles are not in keeping with our good standard of appearance. Haircuts should not be ‘extreme’. Hair must be business-like and smart. Any hair infringements will incur 3 days where pupils will work away from their peers, including break and lunch times. Repeated offences may result in exclusion.

  • Extreme haircuts are not in keeping with the high standards of the colleges uniform policy. Pupils are permitted to have a graded haircut, ending at the nape of the neck with no shorter than a grade 1.5. The nape of the neck and sides must clearly have visible hair. If in doubt, parents and carers should contact the Head of House / Head of Year before changing a hair style. Pupils will receive a sanction if they do not comply with these rules.

PE Kit 


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Sensible plain, all black shoes (no logos) are to be worn. Please note that any footwear that resembles trainers, even if sold as part of a Back to School range, is not considered acceptable for school and will not be allowed.

Boots, trainers, open toe, designer or high heeled shoes are not allowed.  Trainer type shoes are not allowed.


In terms of equipment for school, our pupils are expected to bring to school each day:

  • A suitable sturdy school bag (dark colour) – large enough to fit an A4 folder
  • A pencil case
  • Two pens/biros (black or blue)
  • A pencil
  • A pencil sharpener
  • Pencil crayons
  • A rubber
  • A ruler
  • A calculator
  • A compass
  • A maths protractor
  • An Oxford pocket dictionary
  • A reading book

Please note that draw string bags and fashion bags are not acceptable school bags.


Our policy for wearing Jewellery in school:

  • Earrings are not permitted for any pupils from September 2021.
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear any other jewellery, including rings, bracelets and necklaces.
  • No other body piercings are allowed.
  • Jewellery will be confiscated.
  • Failure to remove jewellery may lead to exclusion for being in defiance of the school rules.

Pupils are permitted to wear a watch, however, smartwatches are not permitted.

School Bag

We as a school are very keen that pupils take great pride in their books and appearance, and we would therefore ask you to support our school bag requirements below:

  • All pupils must have a suitable traditional Black, Navy or Dark Purple bag (rucksack, satchel, portfolio bag).  A dark colour that is in tone with our uniform.
  • Bright colours are not allowed School bags are to be of a plain design and may have a small logo.
  • Schools bags must be able to fit in an A4 folder and fasten shut/zip up.
  • Fashion bags are not appropriate for school. Any pupils with fashion bags will be required to purchase a new suitable school bag.
  • Draw string style kit bags are not an acceptable school bag (only be used for PE Kits).

If a pupil has an unacceptable bag it will be confiscated and they will be ‘loaned’ a suitable bag. Their bag will be returned once they have an appropriate school bag and return our ‘loaned’ bag.