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Our school curriculum is rooted in our school Mission Statement 'May God's Love Be Our Guide', which outlines the faith and values that drive the work of our school. There are some shared beliefs taken from our Mission:

  • The curriculum should promote the spiritual and the academic equally
  • The importance of aspiration and high expectations for all learners
  • Aspiration must lead to a strong ethos of social mobility
  • Achievement and success is for everybody in our school

The curriculum has been designed to inspire and challenge all learners and prepare them for adult life. The school aims to develop a broad and balanced curriculum that helps all our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Specifically, we want our curriculum to ensure our pupils:

  1. Achieve strong outcomes to provide opportunities to progress in life 
  2. Enjoy and engage in their learning
  3. Showcase and develop their talents & employability skills 
  4. Help pupils develop lively, enquiring minds, an ability to question and debate rationally and apply themselves to challenges 
  5. Develop values and respect for different views, beliefs and ways of life 
  6. To become global citizens