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 A Level |AQA

Why study Chemistry?
Do you want to know:-
How could fuel cells be used in the future?
·    How can we identify banned substances?
·    How can to carry out multi­stage experiments?

Then A Level Chemistry is for you! A Level Chemistry is suitable for you if you have an interest in, and enjoy Chemistry. It is also the subject to choose if you want to find out how things work in the real world and enjoy applying your mind to solving problems.

Entry Requirements
The minimum requirement is either a Grade 6 in GCSE Chemistry or a Grade 6-6 in GCSE Combined Science. Given the level of difficulty of this A Level however, we would recommend a Grade 7 in Chemistry or a Grade 7-7 in Combined Science. In addition a minimum of a Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics is required and a Grade 7 is recommended. Chemistry is a very mathematical subject, so you should be confident in algebra and be able to re- arrange equations.

Higher Education and Careers
Most job opportunities specifically using Chemistry require high qualifications, however most laboratory-based jobs benefit from a Chemistry qualification such as Dental or Veterinary assistant. Many employers view success at Advanced Level Chemistry as a clear indication of sound academic ability. There are over 200 courses at UK Higher Education institutions where Chemistry is the primary subject. Examples include Medicinal Chemistry, Forensic Science and Toxicology, Pharmacology, Chemical Engineering, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. For more information visit the Royal Society of Chemistry website:

Equipment required for the course
Scientific calculator


Name of Unit


% of the marks

Nature of Assessment 

Paper 1: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic
Chemistry, Relevant Practical Skills



Written Exam (105 marks)

Paper  2: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,
Relevant Practical Skills



Written Exam (105 marks)

Paper 3: All content, Practical Skills



Written Exam (90 Marks including multiple choice) 


For more Information on this course email 
 Mr J McGeever