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Mental Health and Wellbeing

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental ill-health, whether due to the coronavirus pandemic or for any other reason, please know that your BTHCC family is here for you. You can talk to the pastoral team including your Head of House/Year or any member of staff about any worries or problems you may have. Please also take a look at the websites below to access resources and services which can help. 


Useful Organisations/ Services  

Trafford Family Information Service - A comprehensive directory of all of the mental health services available within Trafford

Trafford Virtual Mental Wealth Hub - A single point of access to Mental Health Services available to children and young people in Trafford

Coronavirus Support within Trafford – Advice and information to support you through the current pandemic

Below are some websites which you may find useful if you’re struggling with your mental health. Please reach out to a member of staff or grown up you trust. We are still here for you.

Getting Advice/Help

Childline - Information and advice on a range of issues for children and young people, such as abuse, bullying, body image, feelings, friendships/relationships, home/families and school/college/work.

Papyrus - Supporting young people at risk of suicide by equipping young people and communities to recognise and respond to suicidal behaviour.

Childnet – if you are suffering from cyberbullying, please tell a grown up that you trust. You can also find help through Childnet 

NSPCC –  Support and advice for those living with domestic abuse, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect. 

Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous online/text support for anybody struggling with feeling lonely, anxious, depressed, suicidal, worried or stressed.

Shout - Free, safe and anonymous online/text support for anybody struggling with feeling lonely, anxious, depressed, suicidal, worried or stressed.

Talkshop  - Support with anything causing children and young people worries

Young Minds – Anonymous and confidential online mental health support. If you feel you are at crisis point, then get in touch with someone through 

Place2Be – Providing early mental health support for children and young people  

Trafford Young Carers – if you are under 18 and care for someone with a physical disability or mental health condition or drug/alcohol problem, you can get help 

Disordered Eating – Support for those struggling with their relationship with food

Equality and Diversity

If you are struggling with identity issues or want to reach out to other like-minded young people please refer to the links below or contact Mrs Penny-Collings who is the coordinator of ‘We are Family’ which is a group which aims to improve equality and diversity awareness in our school community

Just Like Us (LGBT+)  - support for young LGBT+ people

Kids of Colour (BAME) – A platform for young people of colour to explore race, identity and culture and challenge the everyday, institutionalised racism that shapes their lives.

More Help

If you feel you need more help even after looking into the services from the previous section and doing all that you can to help with your mental health, you may want to consider looking into the following services.

Trafford School Nurses - Talk to a member of the pastoral team at school to talk about a referral to the school nurse.

42nd Street - Free, confidential counselling and psychosocial support for children and young people with mental health and wellbeing difficulties.

Coaching Inside and Out (13+) - Life coaches to work with you on anything causing you a problem, for example anxiety, relationships, returning to school, anger etc.

MU Foundation - Inspiring young people to build a better life for themselves and unite the communities in which you live.

Early Break Trafford - 1:1 person-centred support for a range of difficulties including substance misuse, physical health, emotional health, sexual health, family, education, finance, employment etc. Whole family support where there is an issue with a parent/carer who has a substance use issue.

Young Minds - Parents/carers and children can find helpful guidance and support about young people’s mental health and CAMHS.

NHS Children and Young People's Mental Health Services - NHS support for children dealing with mental health difficulties