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Student activities will be organised by the Sixth Form Student Ambassadors, which will consist of appointed students as well as members of the Sixth Form staff. The Ambassadors will discuss key issues that concern students and seek to drive continual improvement within the Sixth Form.

The Sixth Form Student Ambassadors will work to organise events, decide on and budget for the use of student funds, represent student views, promote good relations and initiatives within the Trafford area and support a range of charities, both global and local.

Being an ambassador has given me an opportunity to thrive outside of the classroom. It has helped me to rise to the challenge of being a role model within the Sixth Form and main school and to apply myself in different ways -Perry Vanden, Student Ambassador

The Sixth Form Student Ambassadors will give students a voice and make an important contribution to the running of the Sixth Form. We want students to be part of the decision making process for their Sixth Form as well as the main College. This will be an excellent opportunity to get involved and make an impact on Sixth Form life and gaining key leadership skills along the way. All students are given the opportunity to become an Ambassador before the end of Year 12. They will be interviewed for the position by members of the Sixth Form staff.