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Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity

Why study Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity?

Do you have a passion and enthusiasm for sport and are interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry? The Cambridge Technical allows learners to gather a rich and diverse appreciation of a whole range of theoretical and practical knowledge. It will develop your knowledge and skills in a range of sporting contexts and allow you to apply these in practical settings. Should you wish to further your development by studying a sports based University course, then the Cambridge Technical will provide you with the necessary skills to do this. 


Extra-curricular aspects of the course

One of the units that students will study is a sports leadership unit. Students will have the opportunity to develop their coaching skills and practice before planning and delivering a session, either to their peers or younger pupils. Students will then have to review and evaluate the effectiveness of their session, identifying areas they would improve or change. Students are encouraged to further develop their coaching skills by completing external coaching badges and volunteering in school when supporting leadership programmes and extra-curricular sports clubs. Students will be set assignments and activities with a scenario that reflects tasks that sports employees would be undertaking in the workplace. Evidence for assessment can be generated through a range of activities including workplace assessment, role-play and presentations.


Entry Requirements

Students must achieve a GCSE grade 6 or above in their overall GCSE Physical Education grade including a grade 6 or above on the examination unit of the GCSE Physical Education course to study A Level Physical Education. For those who have not studied GCSE Physical Education at GCSE level, a grade 6 or above is required in GCSE English and a grade 6 in Science. Students are also expected to be training/performing in their main sport for a club/team outside of Sixth Form to assist with this practical assessment.


Higher Education and Careers 

The Cambridge Technical in Sport and Physical Activity provides an introduction to the sector for learners looking to build a career or go onto Higher Education in sport, within one of its occupational areas. These areas include careers in exercise and fitness, coaching and leadership, sports development or a degree in a sport related subject.


Equipment required for the course

Appropriate PE attire for practical units, pen, pencil, ruler, notepad



Unit 1 is externally assessed through a 1 hour 30 minute, 70 marks exam
Unit 3 is externally assessed through a 1 hour, 60 marks exam
Units 2,5 & 17 are internally assessed using specified grading criteria (Coaching and Leadership, Performance Analysis in Sport and Exercise, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation)

Exam Units 

For more information on this course please contact 
Mr A Thorpe