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Business Studies

A Level |AQA 

Why study Business Studies?
Business is a contemporary subject, encouraging students to develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society's needs and wants through recognising the interrelated nature of business activities and how they affect competitiveness. Students will assess how technology is changing the way decisions are made and how businesses operate and compete in addition to the impact on stakeholders of functional decisions and their response to such decisions. The course is ideal for students wanting to become proficient in handling data, presentations, problem solving, conducting research, challenging assumptions and critical analysis.

Extra-curricular aspects of the course
There is an expectation that students will bring real examples of the business world into the classroom
environment. This could be through first-hand work experience and/or through the knowledge of current affairs in the media. A variety of trips are envisaged over the two year course where business theory can be seen in practice.

Entry Requirements
Students who have studied GCSE Business are required to have achieved a grade 6. However, there is not a
prerequisite to have studied Business at GCSE level to consider studying A Level Business Studies. Where students
have not studied GCSE Business, a grade 6 is desired in Mathematics and English.

Higher Education and Careers
Business is a perfect stand-alone option at University but equally lends itself well to other subject areas including
Languages and Economics. Whether your interest is going on to Higher Education, an Apprenticeship or straight in to the world of work, Business will certainly help you along the way. Number crunching may be of interest to you and so specialising in Accounting or Banking is recommended. Additionally you may be a creative student, wanting to apply your knowledge more to the Marketing and Advertising side of this
qualification. Leadership may be your forte, in which case a Management qualification would be suitable.

Equipment required for the course
Students will create a combination of hand written and word processed documentation. As such, please ensure you have an A4 lever arch folder, lined paper, plastic wallets and page dividers. Students will be tested in text and
numerical format and so in addition to have pens, please ensure you have a calculator, ruler and pencil.

Assessment - A-Level
Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Written Exam: 2 hours Written Exam: 2 hours Written Exam: 2 hours
100 marks in total 100 marks in total 100 marks in total
33.3% of A Level 33.3% of A Level 33.3% of A Level
Section A: 15 multiple choice questions
15    marks
Three data response questions.
Compulsory questions, made up of three or four parts.
One compulsory case study followed
by approximately six questions
Section B: short answer questions 35
Sections C & D: two essay    
For more information about this course please email
Miss A Dolan