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BTHCC holds at its heart the Catholic Social Teachings. These teachings are the foundations to equip our students with the knowledge and understanding to live as Jesus asked us to live. Our students understand that these Christ-centered teachings are for the common good. This recognises that at BTHCC, there is dignity and equality so that every member of our community is treated with respect and is allowed to flourish and grow. At BTHCC, a positive attitude to learning is achieved through understanding a commitment to the Catholic Social Teachings. Positive behaviours are nurtured for the common good of all. We set high expectations of behaviour and behaviour for learning at BTHCC.  We do this because, very simply, we want every student to achieve the very best for themselves.

Some students will need time to reflect on their decision-making and how to reconcile themselves back into communion with the BTHCC family. The Pax is a safe place to explore, to ask the big questions, to pray and to work towards reconciliation with our brothers and sisters. We continue to believe that peace is not a status to achieve, but a practice to carry out continually and communally. It requires us to commit to a new way of being: living not in rivalry with each other or with the threat of violence, but with respect for our differences – allowing conflicts to lead to greater understanding rather than to harm – and to new hope that we can create a future that works for all of us.