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Parental FAQ's


How do I get my children into BTH?

Please review our school website which advises of Admissions Policy and Process

Main School -

Sixth Form –


Visiting School

Where do I report when visiting the school?

Please can we ask all Parents / Carers to come to the School Reception in the Sixth Form when arriving onsite. 

We ask that you please do not follow your child onto the premises for safeguarding reasons



How do I report an absence?

Please complete one of the following:

  • Use ParentMail to report your child absent
  • Contact 0161 911 8043 to report your child absence


How do I report if my child is attending an appointment?

Please complete the following:

  • Use ParentMail to report your child’s appointment
  • Provide Appointment letter / card to be signed by Head of House
  • Alternatively, write a note in your child’s diary to be signed by their Head of House

Your child is then to report to Attendance if they are leaving the premises in the school day 

Term Dates

What are the school term dates?

The school term dates are listed on our school website, please find via the below link:


Parents’ Evening

We as a school currently use an online application called School Cloud. 

When a Parents’ evening is due you will be advised in advance of the date and the booking procedure.

If you have missed a Parents’ Evening deadline, please email


Lunch / Break

My child has no lunch with them, what should I do?

Please top up their Online account that is attached to their lunch card


What happens if my child loses their lunch card?

A lunch card replacement can be purchased from Pupil Services for £2.00


What happens if I don’t top up my child’s lunch account

A child can obtain a lunch from the cafeteria, but your child’s account is to be topped up that evening to enable the kitchen to obtain their funds


Messages for Children

Can I get a message to my child?

We ask for all parents / carers to ensure arrangements for the end of the day are communicated to their child before school.

In an emergency we can provide you with support by getting a message to your child.

Confiscated Items

Please review our school’s behaviour & Uniforms policy on the school website:

My child has had their mobile phone confiscated. How do I get it back?

  • Mobile Phones will be returned 7 days after it has been confiscated
  • Jewellery / Makeup will be returned at the end of the half-term


Lost Property

My child has lost their PE kit/ School bag, what can I do?

Please ask your child to go to the following areas:

  • Classroom / Area where last seen
  • Lost Property at Pupil Services
  • Sports Academy for boys’ PE & Main School Changing Rooms for Girl’s PE


Bus Concerns

We request for parents to access the below link to review the school bus timetable


My child couldn’t get on the bus as it was full, what should we do?

We ask that your child try to get public transport or alternative transport to school


Bus Service Contact Details

Go Goodwins – 0161 789 4545

Stagecoach -

Bell Vue –

Warrington Buses -


My child has left an item on the bus, what do we do?

Please contact the bus companies direct to obtain a time and date for collection of the item from their depot



Our school uniform suppliers are as follows:


My child has just advised me that they have forgotten a piece of their uniform, what do they do?

Please ask your child to visit Pupil Services to loan the item

Can I purchase second hand Uniform? 

We hold an ADHOC uniform sale during school holidays which is advertised via parent mail, should you need anything during term time please email  


Visitor Parking

Can I park on school premises?

We unfortunately do not have parking facilities onsite for visitors, we ask that cars are parked offsite.  Please be aware that there is permit parking only on the streets directly outside school and we ask for you to review the signage.


Pastoral Contacts

How can I contact my child’s Form Tutor?

Your child will be able to inform you of their Form Tutor’s name. Please contact their google account e.g. for Mrs Hawtin


How can I contact my child’s Head of House?

Your child will be able to inform you of their Head of House/ Year’s name. Please contact their google account e.g. for Mrs Hawtin


How many children are in each form?

Forms are set differently each year and have approximately 27 children per form


After School Activities

Please be advised that our timetable of activities can be viewed by the below link:


Can parents come to see their child take part in after-school PE activities?

Parents / Carers can attend matches if their child has been notified by their PE teacher that it is possible


Technical Support / Equipment Loan

Please review the following at our school website:

  • Remote Learning
  • IT Support

Can I loan a laptop from school for the full academic year?

Children who are eligible for a school laptop will be informed of via the Pastoral Team


Collective Worship

Do you have a weekly Mass?

Please be advised that we do have Mass on a Friday morning at 8.15 a.m. in the Sixth Form. Currently due to COVID restrictions we are unable to