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Lorcan Kelly - Class of 2019

Lorcan Kelly - Class of 2019

Studied: Physical Education, Sociology, History

Grades Achieved –A B B

Higher Education University

Career Plans – Teacher

Tips for Current Students - Listen to teachers and what they provide and work hard





Molly McCann- Class of 2019

Molly McCann- Class of 2019 

Studied: Health and Social , English Lit , Psychology

Grades Achieved – B B D

Higher Education - Liverpool Hope University

Career Plans –Children and families social worker

Tips for Current Students - Make use of the staff around you . They’re so supportive and will make you feel at ease at what is understandably quite an overwhelming time in your life. Have fun and enjoy it too because you’ll miss it!  



ashleigh taylor- Class of 2016

Ashleigh Taylor- Class of 2016

Studied: Psychology, Sociology, History

Grades Achieved –A* A B

Higher Education - University

Career Plans – Im Currently a Marketing executive in a law firm so i hope to progress with this.

Tips for Current Students - Make sure you start your exam preparations early!



Catherine Drabble - Class of 2014

Catherine Drabble - Class of 2014

Studied: Psychology, English Lit, Business (AS geography)

Grades Achieved  –C D D

Higher Education - LJMU criminology and psychology then PGCE with BTHCC schools direct (university of Manchester)

Degree Achieved - 2:1

Career Plans – Im Currently a Primary School Teacher so I plan to continue this. 

Tips for Current Students - Believe in yourself as much as your teachers do, they can see the potential that you often can’t see in yourself. BTHCC has some of the best teachers I’ve ever come across, make the most out of your time there!

Victoria Andrusyschyn - Class of 2018 

Victoria Andrusyschyn - Class of 2018 

Studied: Art, Maths & Psychology

Grades Achieved –A* A D

Higher Education -  I went on to study Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam

Degree Achieved - Still at university in my final year of studies living in Sheffield. My art work has been successful in being selected as part of the Young Contemporary Artist Award in Newcastle, been published in artconnects virtual gallery space and had my work in art holes magazine. I’ve been painting commissions for customers for different special occasions and getting on with university work.

Career Plans –To travel the world, live in Ukraine and continue painting in being part of the art world in any way possible.

Tips for Current Students- To follow your gut, don’t be put down by other peoples views on you, you know yourself and if you want to achieve something great you can strive for that success.

Adam Collins- Class of 2014

Adam Collins- Class of 2014

Studied- BTEC PE / BTEC Creative media

Grades Achieved –Double Distinction and a Merit in PE and Distinction Merit in Media

Higher Education - Edge Hill University

Degree Achieved - 2:2 in Coaching Education

Career Plans –I’m currently training to be an accountant ​​​​​​, i wish to become a fully qualified accountant before I’m 30.

Tips for Current Students - Work hard and focus on getting good grades but only go to Uni if you are passionate about a career that requires a degree. If you don’t get the grades you need or want don’t let it define you, explore different opportunities because if you asked any of my teachers what they thought I’d be at the age of 25 I bet none of them would of said an account.

Kiera Mcloughlin - Class of 2017

Kiera Mcloughlin - Class of 2017

Studied-Philosophy & Ethics, Psychology and Biology (Chemistry AS)

Grades Achieved –B Psychology, C Philosophy and Ethics, E Biology

Higher Education - Leeds Beckett to study BA Childhood Studies.

Degree Achieved - 2:1

Career Plans –Going to complete a doctorate and hopefully become an educational psychologist after completing my masters this year.

Tips for Current Students - Two years goes so fast so put your all into your a levels, they will be over before you know it. However if things aren’t going to plan right now, don’t worry, you will still get to where you need to be.

Terry Milligan- Class of 2019

Terry Milligan- Class of 2019

Studied- Art, English Literature, History

Grades Achieved – C A A

Higher Education - I am studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins School of Art in London.

Degree Achieved - Still studying 

Career Plans – Hopefully will study an MA in fashion design at Central Saint Martins as well.

Tips for Current Students - Stick with it.

Lydia Lewis- Class of 2017

Lydia Lewis- Class of 2017

Studied: Psychology, a level PE, philosophy and ethics

Grades Achieved –B B C

Higher Education - Physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam university

Degree Achieved - First class honours

Career Plans – I am currently a Physiotherapist in the COVID team at Derriford hospital

Tips for Current Students - Go to university, it’s a great experience

Chloe Hewlett- Class of 2015

Chloe Hewlett- Class of 2015

Studied- English lit, psychology and history

Grades Achieved – D C

Higher Education - Foundation degree in early years childhood studies

Degree Achieved - Foundation degree

Career Plans –Worked as a nursery manager up until 2020 when I left for a change and I now take 999 calls for the ambulance service.

Tips for Current Students - Even if you don’t know what you want to do in the future or if never give up. I always have early years to go back to thanks to my a levels and degree. It also provided me with other skills that led me to be able to meet the criteria to work for the ambulance service.

James Butterworth - Class of 2020

James Butterworth - Class of 2020

Studied- Government & Politics History Business Studies

Grades Achieved –  A* A* A*​​​​​​​

Higher Education - Transport Management at Aston University ​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - Ongoing 

Career Plans –Hopefully graduate from university with a Transport Management degree and gain employment in the rail industry as a train driver. 

Tips for Current Students -  Make the most out of free study periods, and all available resources at BTH from your teachers and further reading on the subject to boost your knowledge.


Charley Reid- Class of 2017  

Charley Reid- Class of 2017  

Studied- Fine Art,  English Literature,  History

Grades Achieved –B D D​​​​​​​

Higher Education - University ​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - High 2:1

Career Plans –Studying a PGCE to become a teacher ​​​​​​​

Tips for Current Students - Study hard, because it’ll help with your work ethic at university when there isn’t a teacher watching your progress. Your totally independent, if you don’t study enough then tough, you’ll fail. Sixth form helped me gain that work ethic.

Michael Chinnery- Class of 2018 

Michael Chinnery- Class of 2018 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Studied- Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science

Grades Achieved –Maths - A, Physics - C, Computer Science - B

Higher Education - Rolls-Royce Engineering Degree Apprenticeship​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Electronics (Aerospace)

Career Plans –Take up a role within developmental engineering and work on investigating and testing future technologies for aerospace ​​​​​​​

Tips for Current Students - Always listen to others, you might learn something surprising



James Burney- Class of 2020

James Burney- Class of 2020

Studied- Psychology ,  TV &Film

Grades Achieved –D* D A

Higher Education - University

Degree Achieved - ongoing 

Career Plans –Post grad degree

Tips for Current Students - Don’t stress so much

Megan Dorsett- Class of 2016 

Megan Dorsett- Class of 2016 

Studied- Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Ethics​​​​​​​

Grades Achieved –B B C​​​​​​​

Higher Education - I went to the University of South Wales to do an BSc in Psychology with Developmental disorders. I then went on to do my MSc in Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol.​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - 2.1 and a 2.2

Career Plans –To work with individuals struggling with ill mental health either clinically or within the community.​​​​​​​

Tips for Current Students - Use every single resource offered to you and trust your tutors! Believe in yourself and you will achieve!

Sophie comer- Class of 2014

Sophie Comer- Class of 2014

Studied- BTEC Sports and Psychology

Grades Achieved –AAA and D

Higher Education - University

Degree Achieved - 2:2

Career Plans –I want to progress within my role in my current job at a GP Surgery as a medical administrator

Tips for Current Students - Push yourself to the limit. Aim high and achieve big


Francesca Downie - Class of 2016

Francesca Downie - Class of 2016

Studied- Psychology, Business Studies and Politics​​​​​​​

Grades Achieved –A* A A​​​​​​​

Higher Education - Studied Business & Management at Aston University for 4 years with a year in industry​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - First class honours

Career Plans –I plan to rotate across different business functions throughout the course of my graduate scheme to discover my ideal career path​​​​​​​

Tips for Current Students - Don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you’re doing your very best, that’s enough


Kaytlin Watterson- Class of 2019

Kaytlin Watterson- Class of 2019

Studied- Psychology, Sociology and English Literature

Grades Achieved – ABB

Higher Education - University ​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - Ongoing

Career Plans –Social worker, maybe do a masters in manchester

Tips for Current Students - Listen to Miss Burton 

Maddie Sheldon - Class of 2016

Maddie Sheldon - Class of 2016

Studied- Psychology, Politics & History

Grades Achieved –A*AA​​​​​​​

Higher Education - Studied politics and modern history at the university of Manchester & then did a masters in history ​​​​​​​

Degree Achieved - A first in my undergrad and distinction in my masters

Career Plans –To qualify and work as an archivist and then do a PhD ​​​​​​​

Tips for Current Students - To just enjoy it and try your best​​​​​​​

George Murphy- Class of 2014

George Murphy- Class of 2014

Studied- Business, Politics, Psychology ​​​​​​​

Grades Achieved –A - psychology B - Business C - Politics

Higher Education - Sheffield Hallam University

Degree Achieved - 1st 

Career Plans – I'm currently working as a Field Sales Engineer (account manager) for Intel so I plan to continue working my way through the ranks at Intel. However who knows. So many opportunities! ​​​​​​​

Tips for Current Students - You are building your foundations now. A good house can only be built on solid foundations..


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