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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet our Student Services team

Dear Year 7 students, we are excited to welcome you to our school! As you settle in, we want to introduce you to our Student Services, your go-to place for various needs. Here, you can contact home if needed, find lost property, top up your lunch account on Scopay, and sort out any issues with your lockers. Additionally, if you ever feel sick or need first aid, Student Services is the place to go. Our friendly staff can also help direct you to your classrooms and answer any other questions you might have. We are here to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable school experience.


How do I report an absence?

Please complete one of the following:

  • Use ParentMail to report your child absent
  • Contact 0161 768 6030 and press option 1 to report your child absence

How do I report if my child is attending an appointment?

Please complete the following:

  • Use ParentMail to report your child’s appointment
  • Alternatively ring reception on  0161 768 6030
  • At the time they are due to leave, they must sign out at Student Services and wait for you to collect them. Please report to our Reception when collecting your child.

What are the college term dates?

The college term dates are listed on our school website, please find via the below link: 

My child has no lunch with them, what should I do?

Please top up their online Scopay account that is attached to their lunch account. Alternatively they can go to Student Services who will help them. But please do not worry, we would never let a child go without lunch.

What happens if I don’t top up my child’s lunch account

A child can obtain a lunch from the cafeteria, but your child’s account is to be topped up that evening to enable the kitchen to obtain their funds. We allow you to go £5.00 over your account balance.

Can I get a message to my child?

We want to ensure smooth communication between you and your child during school hours. If you need to get a message to your child or their teacher, please ring our Student Services. Our dedicated staff will promptly deliver the message, ensuring your child or their teacher receives the information quickly. This service is designed to support you and your child, providing peace of mind and efficient communication throughout the college day.

My child has had their mobile phone confiscated. How do I get it back?

Please review our behaviour & uniforms policy on the college website.

  • Mobile Phones - 1st offence is a 2 hour SMT consequence which is on a Thursday after college and the phone will be returned at the end of the college day - 2nd offence is a 2 hour SMT consequence, which is on a Thursday after college and the phone will be returned at the end of the college week - 3rd offence is a 2 hour SMT consequence which is on a Thursday after college and the phone will need to be collected by a parent. 
  • Jewellery / Makeup will be returned at the end of the half-term. 

My child has lost their PE kit/ College bag, what can I do?

Please ask your child to go to the following areas:

  • Classroom / Area where last seen
  • Lost Property atStudent Services
  • Sports Academy for boys’ PE & Main School Changing Rooms for Girl’s PE

My child has just advised me that they have forgotten a piece of their uniform, what do they do?

Please ask your child to visit Student Services to loan the item. In order to take an item they will have to exchange a mobile phone.

Can I purchase second hand Uniform? 

We hold an ADHOC uniform sale during school holidays which is advertised via parent mail, should you need anything during term time please email.

Can I park on college premises?

We unfortunately, do not have parking facilities on-site for visitors. We ask that cars are parked off-site.  Please be aware that there is permit parking only on the streets directly outside school, and we ask for you to review the signage.

How can I contact my child’s Form Tutor?

Your child will be able to inform you of their Form Tutor’s name. Please contact their google account e.g. for Mrs Hussain

Where do I report when visiting the college?

Please can we ask all parents / carers to come to the College Reception in the Sixth Form when arriving onsite. 

We ask that you please do not follow your child onto the premises for safeguarding reasons