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Applying to our Sixth Form:

All applicants are required to have a strong work ethic and commitment to our ethos, standards and code of conduct. This includes having an excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour record throughout Year 11. This will be determined from the application form, school reference and interview.

All applicants are required to support and adhere to the Catholic ethos of our Sixth Form. All applicants are required to attend compulsory Religious Education classes. They are also required to take part in the daily act of worship and attend assemblies and Masses.

Applying is simple

When should I apply?
Apply anytime after the Virtual Sixth Form Open Event and before the closing date of Monday 15th November 2021.

How do I apply?
BTHCC students are to complete the online application form, applicants from other schools need to  download and complete the application form and then give it to their referee to complete the grades and reference part and submit to the Sixth Form by Monday 15th November 2021.

Both types of application forms can be found below.

What happens once I’ve applied?
From January 2022 a letter will be sent home to invite the applicant for a meeting with one of the Sixth Form team to discuss their application. Most meetings will take place from January – March 2022.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions these meetings may be conducted in a virtual manner. Applicants will receive an email to explain how meetings will take place in the spring term.

What do I do if I’ve made a mistake?
Do not submit another application form as this can cause confusion. You should telephone or email: and explain the changes you wish to make.


Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2022

Admission to the Sixth Form

The school operates a sixth form for a total of 250 pupils. 125 places overall will be available in year 12. While the admission number is 125, if fewer than 125 of the school’s existing pupils transfer into year 12, additional external pupils will be admitted until year 12 meets its capacity of 125.

Both internal and external pupils wishing to enter the sixth form will be expected to have met the same minimum academic entry requirements for the sixth form. These are that pupils will have achieved at least grade 5 in both English Language and Mathematics and the minimum entry requirements for each subject area, which is grade 6 or above.

Any applicant who has studied an alternative curriculum, such as, overseas students who have not studied GCSEs, the qualifications achieved must be equivalent to GCSE standard and grades must be converted prior to enrolment into Year 12.

If applicants fail to meet the minimum course requirements, they will be given the option of pursuing any alternative courses for which they do meet the minimum academic requirements. Course requirements are published annually in the school’s prospectus and website.

When year 12 is undersubscribed all applicants meeting the minimum academic entry requirements will be admitted or permitted to progress.

When there are more applicants that satisfy any academic entry requirements, priority will be given in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out above.

Where there is a space in year 13 i.e. where there are fewer than 125 pupils in the year group, the school will admit additional pupils up to this number using the oversubscription criteria set out above.