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Equality & diversity

 Our Mission statement says that we are a Catholic Family, we talk about our school community as a family and as such we are accepting of each other, and we value each other’s contributions. Pupils are taught about the value and dignity of all people created in the image of God as well as British Values to promote citizenship, tolerance, and diversity. There is a very strong emphasis on celebrating difference and diversity through the curriculum, our equality and diversity groups, assemblies and displays, which celebrate and enhance pupils’ learning.

All pupils have equal access to the life and work of the school. Leaders achieve this through clear policies which are implemented consistently. Pupils are taught to respect every individual’s rights, and everyone in the school family is expected to adhere to these values.

Neither physical nor verbal harassment of another member of the community will be tolerated. All staff will take immediate action with any case of bullying.

‘We believe that God has created each person to celebrate life to the full’.


We run an Equality and Diversity Club on a Tuesday from 3pm - 4pm.

What we discuss?

•Aims to promote equality and diversity in our college community

•We highlight and celebrate the diversity of our Catholic family

•A chance to be involved with sharing your culture, identity and experiences with others

•Promotes equality and diversity throughout the college and challenging misconceptions

Who can join?

•Anyone can join Equality and Diversity Club, even if you do not identify as being part of a minority group.

•Open to everyone from ALL year groups

•The most important thing is that you are a kind and supportive member of our college community

•This is a great opportunity to make new friends with students from different year groups.

•You need to be passionate about equality, kindness and making our college a welcoming place for everyone.