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BTHCC Steps To Success

BTHCC Steps to Success in Year 11

We believe that our curriculum at Blessed Thomas Holford is ambitious and is designed and delivered in a way that helps our students know more, remember more and experience more through an inspiring and knowledge-rick curriculum offer. To supplement our curriculum and help our students become independent learners who have strong metacognition and self-regulation skills as part of our personal development programme we deliver our study skills unit of work which promotes the benefits of effective studying outside of the classroom and is underpinned by educational research. This is promoted through our BTHCC Core Four revision strategies.

In addition to this, in Year 11 we help support our students and parents / carers to embed these effective study habits and guide students on how and what to revise in the lead up for their external examinations. The booklet below is our BTHCC Steps to Success and is personalised to each subject, which has been created by our Heads of Department.