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Teacher subject specialism training (TSST):Secondary Mathematics​​​​​​​

Blessed Thomas Holford Teaching School Alliance is delighted to offer 20 candidates the opportunity to upskill in the delivery of secondary mathematics. Please complete your application by 12pm on Friday 25th September 2020. Successful candidates will be contacted and specific dates for the course will be forwarded.

About the team

We have a wealth of experience in the TSST team, including a Head of School, SLEs, coaches and examiners. All facilitators are outstanding practitioners who have undertaken deployment across our TSA. The team are well versed in national changes spanning key stage 2 to key stage 5 thus are well positioned to create and deliver a programme which equips non-specialists and those returning to the profession to provide rigorous lessons which meet the high expectations our Teaching School demands. We continue to undertake research into improving practise, identifying changes both to curriculum requirements and pedagogy. Our course has been approved by the DFE, endorsed by the Joint Mathematical Council and we have collaborated with Manchester University; all of the accolades confirm that our provision is excellent.

Our teaching school is adept in creating and providing support which addresses issues identified in School Development Plans and Ofsted reports. Our experience ranges from bespoke leadership programmes to subject specific audits with subsequent development planning. Working alongside the NLE, we create specific action plans to support schools. We intensely review each deployment and adapt programmes according to changing needs as we often find that once we start to work with a team, other issues come to light which need addressing in order that the right support is in place. We collaborate extensively to ensure our provision meets the exacting requirements of the recipients. Working with strategic partners, we are confident that our provision is first-rate.

Our impact record is vast: we have a proven track record of success in terms of those who have been promoted once they have attended our development programmes. Most importantly, our subject specific and pedagogy CPD has had a positive impact on Progress 8 scores amongst the schools we work in.

Course details

Due to the current climate, this training will now take place remotely.

Each session will be 60 – 90 minutes, and you will have a 10 day window to complete each session at your convenience, alongside some online tasks to ensure you are consolidating the learning and applying topics to exam style questions.

Below is the programme of events. It is imperative that all sessions are completed in order to qualify. You will complete a subject knowledge audit both at the start and end of the course. In addition to all sessions, you will be asked to complete some online learning to consolidate your understanding. At the end of the course, you will be asked to deliver some elements of Mathematics lessons, which will be formally observed.

You will be allocated a mentor who is there for you, should you have any concerns throughout the course regarding content of the course and online learning and to support you in planning your Mathematics lessons at the end of the course.

Session available from Session to be completed by Session Topic Delivered By
Monday 5th October Wednesday 14th October Understanding the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 and Audit J Goggins
Monday 19th October Wednesday 28th October Number I Phillips
Monday 2nd November Wednesday 11th November Algebra J Goggins
Monday 16th November Wednesday 25th November Ratio and Proportion A Shah
Monday 30th November Wednesday 9th December Geometry and Measure L Fishwick
Monday 4th January Wednesday 13th December Fractions and Percentages I Phillips
Monday 18th January Wednesday 27th January Statistics I Phillips
Monday 1st February Wednesday 10th February Probability K Curle
Monday 22nd February Wednesday 3rd February Graphs and Transformations C Wilde
Monday 15th March Wednesday 23th March Planning, Engagement and Audit J Goggins


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