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Pathway Options

Constructing your own programme of study

Students are able to choose an individual combination of courses that meet their needs, interests and aspirations, offering the best opportunity for success. Final choices are not made until after the GCSE results have been released
although provisional choices will be discussed at interview. It is crucial that students thoroughly research their
choices and consider their grades which teachers are estimating they will achieve at GCSE so they are clear on what are their best options to take post-16.

Which course should I take?
Before making any decisions about the subjects you wish to study we strongly advise students to read the course descriptions very carefully. We also recommend speaking to the course leaders for the subjects you are interested in and find out how suited to the course you might be. Using your most recent academic review or report will allow you to see your current performance grades and your subject teachers can help you set realistic yet challenging targets to boost these grades.


We aim to provide the most accurate information about academic performance for all our students which might mean we recommend you look at other options for your post-16 studies. We will not advise any student to opt for a subject or pathway where we believe they would struggle. Therefore we might recommend another college or post- 16    pathway for students who would benefit from this. We recommend the Following subject combinations
●If a student wishes to study Physics that they seriously consider studying Mathematics too;
●If a student wishes to study Biology that the seriously consider studying Chemistry too;
●If a student wishes to study Chemistry that the seriously consider studying Mathematics too;
●If a student wishes to study Further Mathematics they must study Mathematics too.