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Mental Health Ambassadors


Our Mental health ambassadors are individuals within our college who work to promote mental well-being and support those who may be struggling with mental health issues. Their responsibilities typically include:

  • Raising Awareness - Organising events, campaigns, and activities to educate peers about mental health, reduce stigma, and promote understanding. Using posters, social media, and newsletters to spread messages about mental health awareness and resources.
  • Providing Support - Offering a listening ear to peers who need to talk about their mental health concerns. Guiding students towards professional help, such as school counsellors, therapists, or helplines, when needed.
  • Creating Safe Spaces - Establishing areas where students can feel safe and comfortable discussing their mental health issues.
  • Promoting Self-Care and Well-Being - Encouraging and teaching peers about self-care practices, stress management techniques, and healthy coping strategies. Organising activities that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and overall well-being, such as yoga sessions, meditation, or wellness workshops.
  • Educational Initiatives - Conducting workshops and training sessions on mental health topics, such as anxiety, depression, resilience, and mindfulness.
  • Ensuring students are aware of and have access to mental health resources, such as counselling services, crisis helplines, and informational materials.
  • Demonstrating healthy behaviours and attitudes towards mental health.
  • Encouraging a positive and supportive college culture where mental health is prioritised and respected.

Mental health ambassadors play a vital role in promoting a supportive and understanding environment, helping to ensure that students feel safe and supported in addressing their mental health needs.