Inspirational Leadership Programme

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College is in the top 3.5% of state schools nationally. We are the highest performing school in Trafford LEA with a Progress 8 score of 0.53. We are in the top 25 highest performing Catholic schools in the country and the highest performing in the North West. As such, we are proud to lead our Teaching School Alliance in offering:

The Inspirational Leadership Programme

Are you female and from a BAME background seeking promotion to senior leadership?

Do you want to be coached and supported to become an inspirational leader who changes the lives of thousands of under-represented learners?

Do you want to work with exceptional leaders who will inspire you to lead change?

Our Programme:

The Blessed Thomas Holford Teaching School Alliance has an experienced team of facilitators with a proven track record of providing Leadership solutions. Working with experts in diversity and equality, we are best placed to deliver a programme which will address the imbalance in leadership teams thus ultimately improve the outcomes of all learners.

The Blessed Thomas Holford Teaching School Alliance will provide a combination of taught sessions covering resilience, developing your confidence, promoting yourself as a great leader and applying for that senior leadership post. Over one year, our Alliance and Strategic partners will facilitate five sessions coupled with one-to-one coaching from experienced leaders. You will also be given the opportunity to gain SLT experience within our network of schools.

Our Motivation:

Role models are crucial in inspiring children to aim high. With 104 (3.1%) secondary school headteachers nationally coming from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds, we are failing to give all children the inspiration they need to excel academically. Alongside this, just 38.2% of headteachers are female and of that percentage, only 3.3% are from BAME origin, further heightening under-represented role models for children and colleagues alike.

We need to address the issue of recruitment to increase the amount of female leaders from a BAME background in order to raise the standards of teaching so our children can be inspired to achieve excellence.

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