Promoting British values

Promoting British values

Our Mission

We are a Catholic community of aspiration, dedicated to all our students
excelling spiritually and academically in our school and beyond.

We change lives through our culture of high standards and expectations of everyone
who learns and works in our school and a belief that achievement is for all.

Our mission guides the work of our school. We believe our children have a right to:

  • Achieve their potential
  • Have teaching that is good or better
  • Feel a sense of community and belonging to our school
  • Feel safe and be safe
  • Have an adult to talk to
  • Be respected whatever their cultural background, ethnicity or lifestyle


The new Ofsted framework (September 2014) contains a requirement that schools “actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”

In producing this policy on promoting British values the Governing body agreed the following:

  • The views of the staff were gathered at a training day in October 2014
  • The views of the School Council were gathered at a meeting held in October 2014
  • The views of the Sixth Form Ambassadors were gathered at a meeting held in November 2014
  • The Governors’ Curriculum Committee held a special meeting in November 2014
  • The final policy was presented to the full governing body at their Autumn term 2014 meeting

Our last Ofsted report in June 2013 judged the school to be outstanding in all areas and was particularly positive about the ethos of the school:

Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding because the school’s Catholic ethos promotes an accepting, respectful and caring school community

Students are happy at school because the school community has an outstandingly positive ethos. In lessons students’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. Students know what is expected of them and are enthusiastic, motivated and keen to do well.

Views of Staff and Students

This statement was informed by discussions with the whole staff, the School Council (Years 7-11) and the Sixth Form Ambassadors (Years 12-13).

The staff listed the following values:

  • fairness
  • resilience
  • manners
  • tolerance
  • heritage
  • respect for diversity

The School Council and Sixth Form Ambassadors had their own list:

  • Patriotism
  • Acceptance of different cultures
  • Respect for other faiths, beliefs and ethnic backgrounds
  • Democracy is important
  • Important things are free – education, health service, museums and galleries
  • Things to change – influence of wealthy and / or famous people, negative internet and social media, safety of young people, more respect for the law and authority, obsession with image and lifestyles

Actions we will take

  • Regularly involve our students in discussions about the values and belief that shape our school community
  • Take every opportunity to involve representatives of other faiths in our religious education curriculum and assemblies.
  • Develop our links with students of other faiths started at our inter faith week
  • Ensure our curriculum is broad and balanced and prepares pupils for life in modern Britain
  • Plan our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education to promote social cohesion and mutual respect, individual liberty and freedom of speech
  • Provide opportunities for charitable works – pilgrimages to Lourdes, support for charities such as CAFOD and young homeless in Manchester
  • Continue to invite MPs and local councillors to talk to students about their work
  • Use the school council to promote debate about values and beliefs
  • Uphold our behaviour policy and general school ethos to ensure strong guidance on right and wrong
  • Continue Family Dining as a way of promoting a strong social and cultural message
  • Promote The Edge across all year groups to encourage and measure important personal qualities
  • Develop a whole school wellbeing curriculum for staff and students to help build resilience and offer support more readily when it is needed.
  • Key areas linked to the promotion of British values includes the use of outside agencies to meet and discuss key areas with our pupils. This is integrated as part of our PSHE programme and includes plays and talks on CSE and PREVENT.

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