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School Bus Timetables

Details of all school bus services operated by Transport for Greater Manchester can be viewed on

For mainstream bus services also running to Altrincham visit and select journey planning or telephone the Traveline on 0871 200 2233

Greater Manchester Transport have analysed the usage of the Bus Service to Partington and will not be running a return service at the end of the school day. Pupils may get the public bus (247) from Altrincham Interchange at 3.15 p.m. / 3.45 p.m. / 4.20 p.m. The journey to Partington is 30 minutes.

Bus Timetable 17-18

247Bus Timetable


Please see below information we have received from GMPTE regarding our school bus service.

788 Bus Morning Service is run by Diamond

789 Bus Morning Service is run by Goodwins

 789 Bus Afternoon Service at 15:10 p.m. & 16:10 p.m. is run by Goodwins

789 Bus Afternoon Service at 15:40 p.m. is run by Diamond


Bus Tickets

·         School Bus Ticket (788 & 789) to be used on Diamond & Goodwins Only are £7.00 per week

·         System One Pass Bus Ticket to be used on school buses and public buses costs £9.00

·         Public Bus Ticket Weekly Saver ticket £7.50


Last updated: August 31st 2017