School IT Systems

School IT Systems

Learning doesn’t stop outside of the classroom, we provide our staff and pupils the ability to access their documents, applications and resources from wherever they are.  The main IT systems accessible from outside of school can be seen in the tabs below:

External AccessLearning PlatformGoogle AppsParentHub ConnectEmail for Staff

Access your school documents, resources and software applications from home

Please click on the appropriate option from the list below to view instructions on how to get logged onto the College network from a device at home.

Access our network from your Windows 8 PC, tablet or phone at home
Access our network from your Windows XP, Vista or 7 PC at home
Access our network from your Android phone or tablet at home
Access our network from your Apple Mac at home
Access our network from your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at home

Collaborate on work, conduct surveys and submit assignments

The Edmodo Learning Platform is our online classroom and work area which allows both staff and pupils to collaborate, communicate and share with each other and learn in a secure environment.  To access our Learning Platform click on the link below or the icon above this text. >

If you have not registered for Edmodo already, go to the link above and under the ‘Create your account’ choose ‘I’m a Teacher’ or ‘I’m a Student’.

Click here for instructions on getting registered as a pupil on Edmodo
Click here for instructions on getting registered as a Teacher on Edmodo


Email access and cloud storage

Our College Google Apps platform is a place for pupils and students check their email and access their secure cloud storage (called ‘Drive’).  Think of your ‘Drive’ as an online memory stick to transfer work between College and home.  You can also use your ‘Drive’ to create collaborative documents that you can work on in real-time with others (good for project work!)

To access Google Apps click on the link below or the logo above and log on with your Sixth Form email address and password which was given to you at the start of the academic year. >

If you can’t remember your Google Apps email address and/or password or require a new one setting up please contact your form tutor or one of the IT Technicians.

Pupils that left our College last year may download a copy of all of their data to possibly later import into their work/University systems.

Download all of my BTH Google Apps data >


School communication, simplified

What is ParentHub?

A smartphone app for all your communication with our College.

For Support Call – 0161 202 4141

How do I get signed up as a Parent?

To get setup as a parent follow the two simple steps below:

Step 1: Register

You should have by now received your ParentHub Connect registration code by email/post (contact the College if not).  Once you have your registration code click the button below and fill in your details to get registered.

Register for ParentHub Connect

If you are having problems registering more detailed instructions can be found here.

Step 2: Download the App

Once you have registered for ParentHub Connect, open the App Store (iOS) / Google Play Store (Android) on your mobile phone and search for and install the free ParentHub Connect app.

Note: Not currently available for Windows phone.

Step 3: Turn on ‘Push’ Notifications

To turn on push notifications on your phone follow these steps depending on the device you are using:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Sounds and notifications and open
  3. Scroll down to App notifications and open
  4. Scroll down to ParentHub Connect and open
  5. Make sure notifications are not being blocked

iOS (iPhone)

  1. Open Settings > Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to find ParentHub Connect and open.
  3. Set Allow Notifications to ON.

Staff access to their College email account from home

This system allows staff to access their College inbox and calendar outside of school.  To access your email click on the link below or the icon above this text.


If you have difficulties accessing any of our School IT Systems please ask one of the IT Technicians for assistance.