Numeracy across the Curriculum

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College has a ‘can do’ approach to numeracy – we believe that all children can, and should be mathematically confident. All staff recognise the importance of providing children with a wide variety of mathematical experiences and of promoting a positive mathematics culture.

All curriculum areas teach numeracy as part of their subject content. As a result, children not only get to practice and develop their mathematical skills across all subjects, but also see the relevance of numeracy in all aspects of their education, and therefore their future. Pupils also take part in fun numeracy activities outside the classroom.

Here pupils have the opportunity to practice and develop their mathematics skills in a relaxed and informal setting. Pupils have taken part in games, challenges and puzzles involving: scale drawing; symmetry; logical processing; building; balance; measuring; converting units and sorting.

Whole School Events

Click the image above to view some examples of Miss Summer’s ‘Form Numeracy Challenges’

There are a series of whole-college events to support Numeracy that take place throughout the year. These involve the weekly Numeracy form challenge, maths starters in lessons,  Inter Form Competitions, World Maths Day, World Pi Day and most importantly our college’s Numeracy Week.

Upcoming Numeracy Events

We will be supporting World Maths Day and World Pi Day.



How can our Parents support with Numeracy?

Click here to download our Parent's Guide to Numeracy      BTH Numeracy Methods Booklet

Establishing a strong, consistent message between home and college is essential to support a child’s mathematical development. To foster this, the College runs a programme of Parent Support Evenings. These consist of workshops that explain the techniques used to teach key topics; resources that can be used at home; internet based support and (for some year groups) revision advice.  We have produced a parent’s guide and a methods booklet to help with supporting your child with their Mathematical development.  You can download the guides by clicking the images above.


Intervention Programmes are available for all pupils who would benefit from them. Continued dialogue between the Mathematics department and the SEN department ensure pupils are identified quickly and their individual needs catered for. There are two types of programme; one designed for pupils that need to build their numeracy skills generally, and another for those pupils that need support in preparing for their exams.

Numeracy Skills Programme

This involves initial assessment, followed by a personally tailored programme of small group, and one-to-one sessions. The aim of each session is to improve childrens’ understanding of number, their basic numeracy skills and most importantly their confidence. In each session children carry out a variety of practical tasks, independent work, group activities and internet based practice.

Preparation for Exams Sessions

These sessions are focused on exam technique, quick number strategies, recalling information and working independently. Some pupils follow a weekly programme of sessions across the whole year, some pupils simply receive intensive support immediately prior to their exams.

Year 7 pupils who receive numeracy intervention also take part in a range of activities designed to develop their skills in a practical setting. These may include organising and preparing a tea party, shopping to a budget and surveying a local playground.