The development of Literacy is a school priority for us at Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College. We believe that Literacy is the tool of learning and are passionate about developing our reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

In September 2014 we introduced a new reading initiative with all Year 7 pupils. Our ‘Ready to Read’ programme runs every day from 3.00p.m. – 3.30p.m. and, to date, has been a great success.

The purpose of the programme is to guarantee that pupils have a minimum of 30 minutes quiet reading time each day, ensuring that they are going above and beyond the recommended 10 minutes. In providing pupils with this valuable reading time we are able to offer them with a plethora of new literature and vocabulary they may not have previously been exposed to; this will have a positive impact on them in all areas of life, inside and outside of school.

We encourage all of our pupils to reach or exceed their chronological reading ages so that they can read to learn, access the curriculum and leave school with the skills they need to be employable and succeed in further education and in their chosen careers. Every teacher in our school, regardless of subject is a teacher of literacy; literacy development is a key feature of every lesson and our staff receive extensive training in order to develop their classroom practice and support every child.

Miss Cross
Head of Whole School Literacy