Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 and 11)

During Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 and 11), all pupils will follow a curriculum that is suited to their needs and interests. They will finish Year 11 equipped with a range of appropriate qualifications, skills and attributes to enable them to pursue their chosen path into further education or employment.  The curriculum is divided into two parts, core curriculum and options – these are outlined below.

Understanding progress at Key Stage 4


Core Qualifications all pupils work towards at Key Stage 4

Subject time
(hours per week)
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
4 hours English Mathematics Science English Mathematics Science English Mathematics Science
3 hours Computer Science Computer Science Religious Education Computer Science Religious Education

3 hours per week for each optional subject

2 hours Religious Education Physical Education

2 hours per week for each optional subject

2 hours per week for each optional subject Physical Education
1 hour Physical Education

Pupils can opt to study up to four of the following subjects

In addition to the subjects in the Core Curriculum, pupils can select from the following range of courses:

  • Year 9 have 25 hours of curriculum time per week (27 hours if Latin option is taken)
  • Year 10 have 25 hours of lessons per week
  • Year 11 have 29 hours of lessons per week


Citizenship is taught through a combination of discrete provision in PSHEE with each pupil studying 25 hours each academic year through targeted subjects and out of class provision.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values are taught across the curriculum to ensure all our learners promote tolerance of and respect for people of other faiths, cultures and lifestyles.

LitNum (Literacy and Numeracy)

Pupils with a low prior attainment or Statement will study 2 Options in Key Stage 4 and the 2 hours per week due to. 1 hour on Numeracy and 1 hour on Literacy. The intervention is planned and coordinated by Head of Literacy and Numeracy.

All pupils follow a Tutorial and PSHEE course relevant to their age group Sex Education is taught in PSHEE, Science and Religious Education.

Year 9 LitNum Pathway

Year 10 LitNum Pathway

Year 11 LitNum Pathway


The governors have given their approval to the content and philosophy of sex education. Parents are welcome to enquire about the content of the Sex Education programme their child is receiving and have the right to withdraw their child by applying in writing to the Headteacher.