School Trips

School Trips

At Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College we place great importance on the education of the whole person, not just the academic side. Young people need to be given opportunities to develop their personal, social, moral, cultural and spiritual knowledge and skills. These are delivered through the curriculum and through the enrichment activities that the school organises. Therefore, we have drawn up a wide range of enrichment opportunities for pupils.

Trips 2017/18

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Year 7


Paris Trip                                       High Adventure, Skipton






Year 8

Paris Trip

Year 9


Chester Zoo                                    Broad Oak Farm                         Paris 




Dublin                                                                        Harry Potter Studio Tour, London


Manchester City Centre                                   Bay of Naples



History Battlefields Trip


Year 10


Barcelona                                                            MMU Art Degree Show


Paris                                                                    Harry Potter Studios Tour, London


BBC Studio Tours                                          Bay of Naples



Year 11


Barcelona                                                           Manchester Museum 





Year 12


Barcelona                                                                Harry Potter Studios Tour, London


Conwy Centre


Year 13

Barcelona                                                           Conwy Centre





Although financial contributions towards trips are voluntary, if there aren’t sufficient contributions, then there may be occasions when trips will have to be cancelled. Financial assistance may be available for parents who receive income support or family credit (i.e. those entitled to free school meals) at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Please note that these trips are subject to approval and that the dates and estimated costs may change.

Following each trip, if parental contributions leave a surplus or negative balance, this amount will be transferred to the School Trips Account.

For trips with a surplus balance of £20 or more per pupil/student an automatic refund with be processed by the Finance Office.