September 2018


Joining our College in September 2018

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As the Admissions Authority the Governors control admissions to the College. They have delegated this task to an Admissions Committee who ensure the Admissions Policy is implemented. Any parent who wishes to appeal against an admissions decision has the right to have their case heard by an independent appeals committee.


The published admission number for September 2018 is 220. In administering the Admissions Policy the Governors will have due regard for the Catholic ethos of the College. Proof of baptism is essential for Catholic applicants. In line with the College’s Catholic belief and family character we are committed to offering a place to Catholic children with a brother or sister at the College at the time of application.


Pupils will be admitted according to the following priority order:-

  1. Baptised Catholic children designated as ‘looked after’ or ‘previously looked after’

2. Baptised Catholic children with a brother or sister at the College at the time of application

3. Baptised Catholic children attending a Catholic primary school in Trafford

4. Baptised Catholic children attending non Catholic primary schools in Trafford who are regular worshippers and are supported by their parish priest.

5. Baptised Catholic children attending other Catholic primary schools

6. Other ‘looked after’ children

7. Other children


Applying to our College

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