Year 9 Parents’ Evening

18th May 2017

Dear Parent / Carer,

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

I am writing to remind you of the Year 9 Parents’ Evening which will take place on Thursday 29th June 2017 and will run from 4.30 p.m. until 7.30 p.m. by appointment only.  This is a vital evening where you can discuss the progress made over the course of the year and review the academic achievements in all subject areas.

We are introducing an on-line booking form – see link below. You are required to select a preferred time to attend. You will be allocated appointment times with your son/daughter’s teachers. Staff will be keeping strictly to these appointment times and will see parents based only on the pre-arranged appointments. Your appointment times will be provided to your child to bring home, prior to the Parents’ Evening.

The appointments will be less than 5 minutes. If you feel you need longer to discuss any issues or concerns please contact school to arrange a separate meeting or request a phone call from the class teacher, as staff are not able to spend longer than the pre-allocated appointment time with parents.

Appointments will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If all the appointment times for the time slot that you have selected have been allocated you will be given appointments in the next available time period. It is therefore important that you submit your child’s form on-line asap.  

Please access the following link on the website to enable you to complete your child’s form online:

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

If you do not have access to the internet, please request for your child to collect a printed form from Pupil Services.

 You must complete your online form no later than Monday 22nd May 2017

Staff will have limited appointment slots and therefore we are not able to make an appointment to see your child’s Form Tutor on this evening. If you would like your child’s Form Tutor, Head of House / Year to contact you to discuss any concerns you may have, please indicate this on the online form. If you have an email address, please include it on the online form as often this is the quickest way for staff to respond to your request.

The evening will end promptly at 7.30 p.m. and we are hopeful that the Parents’ Evening will run smoothly and it will be an enjoyable and informative event.

I look forward to seeing you on the Thursday 29th June 2017.  

 Yours sincerely,

Miss G Blackwood

Assistant Headteacher / Pastoral Care and Guidance

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